Guinea Pig Collection 2

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My very own piggy sculpture, wonderfully handmade by Merry, isn't it brilliant! Thank you very much Merry!
Next are 6 delightful magnets of my piggies, made specially for me by Celine. Thank you so much Celine.
A fantastic guinea pig clock was given to me by Louise, many thanks Louise!
Next are my very cute guinea pig ornaments. The lovely ornament of two piggies having a cuddle, were made by Sherratt and Simpson. I found them on a stall at my local market.
Then we have my beautiful cup that has pictures of all my piggies, which was given to me by Treen. Its too nice to use, so I've put it in a cabinet so it doesn't get broken. Thank you so much Treen, its fantastic!
Here is the other side of the cup
Two delightful Olga da Polga story books given to me by Treen. Thank you so much Treen! Doesn't Olga look very much like my Sweetpea :) You can buy a series of Olga da Polga books by author Michael Bond online at or find them in any good book shops.
Here is a lovely 2004 guinea pig calendar. I found it in W H Smiths UK You can also buy it on-line from The Winking Cavy Store

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