Guinea Pig Collection 3

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A delightful knitted angel guinea pig. My lovely angel piggy was given to me by my lovely daughter Kathy. Thank you so much Kathy!. You can now buy these delightful knitted guinea pigs at Thistle Cavies Rescue To see my page dedicated to these lovely knitted piggies, visit Knitted Guinea Pigs
Here is another gorgeous knitted guinea pig, Snowpig! My Snowpig was given to me by my lovely daughter Jenna. Thank you so much Jenna!
Next we have another knitted guinea pig, this time its Santa Pig who as you can see, is visiting Peachy.
Here is a beautiful cup from Treen. You might recognise the lovely picture from my art gallery, which was drawn by Merry. Thank you so much Treen for my lovely cup and of course Merry for her wonderful art work.
Then we have another sweet gift, also from Treen. Its a gorgeous keyring of my Sweetpea and the adorable picture was drawn by aL. Thank you very much Treen and aL!
A fantastic felt piggy of my Jake, specially made for me by Merry. Thank you very much Merry, its just like my Jakey boy! You can order your very own personalised felt guinea pig from Merry's lovely guinea pig site Cavy Love
Next is a wonderful ornament of my Clover, also by Merry. As you can see, my Clover ornament even has an orange spot on her nose, just like my Clover. Thanks ever so much Merry! Visit Merry's site to order your very own personalised guinea pig ornament. Cavy Love
Here are two Christmas piggy ornaments. What little cuties they are!

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