Non-piggy pets 2

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Louise's Mice, Mish and Molly: These are our new mice. Mish is a Siamese and Molly is a pink eyed white.
Louise's Mouse, Lorna: Here is my lovely mouse Lorna
Sum's Cat, Molly: Molly was born on the 11th December 1995 ( which makes her 8 years old ) Molly was taken away from her mother ( along with her 2 sisters ) at an early age so she hasn't developed all the normal cat functions. She is scared of birds and she can't meow. She loves whiskets cat food. Molly spends most of her time sleeping, with the occasional feed and going outside.
Lonnie's Cat, Cassidy: Cassidy is a drama queen but I really love her, she can be so sweet when she wants. She goes on walks with me and meows alot if I get ahead of her. Cassidy is Tobey and Joey's mother.
Lonnie's Cat, Joey: Joey is my baby, he loves to lay on his back and get his belly petted and I love how he purrs sooo loud and he loves the snow lol. He loves his older brother Tobey, they don't like being apart very long
Lonnie's Cat, Tobey: Tobey is our chubby fluffy kitten who is lazy and playful, he acts like he wants to be held then he starts trying to get us to play with him. He loves his little brother Joey so much they don't like being apart very long
Steve's Cat, Tyson: Tyson is five years old. He was called Tyson because he boxes with his front paws. His favourite treat food is tuna flakes.
Louise's Hamster, Pebbles: This is Pebbles. Golden Syrian. She is a very BIG hamster. She is almost 6 months old.

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Pictures and text by Louise, Sum, Lonnie and Steve