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Lorie's Cockatiel, Holly: Holly and Pretty Boy ( you can see Pretty Boy in the next picture ) was adopted as a Christmas present to myself. They were just dropped off, the owner was moving and didn't want them anymore. They are about 4 years old and are a bonded pair, both are very sweet.
Lorie's Cockatiel, Pretty Boy: Here is Pretty Boy.
Lorie's Canarie, Peepers: Peepers and Sherbert ( you can see Sherbert in the next picture ) are my two male Canaries, they were my birthday present in July 2003. Both sing beautifully! and sing all day long until I cover them at night.
Lorie's Canarie, Sherbert: Here is the lovely Sherbert.
Lorie's Cat, Precious: Precious is about one year old, she is my new kitty that I adopted from the humane Society on December 22, 2003. Precious was due to be put to sleep in two days on Christmas Eve. I gave her the gift of life for Christmas. She was my Christmas present to myself. She is a sweet loving cat and she's given me the gift of love!
Holly's Ferret, Zoe: Zoe came to live with us in 2002 and was our first rescue ferret. She was being kept in a pet carrier with another ferret. They had a soiled towel in there with them and no litter box or water. The people had thrown in a low quality cat food. We were unable to take both ferrets (they would only let us take one) so Zoe just sort of called out to me. She's an old soul, and a real sweet girl. But she can get pretty excited when you wrestle with her!
Holly's Ferret, Kolby: Kolby was my pet store weakness. I went into the store with my friend and we were just looking at the ferrets and this one little guy kept sucking on the ears of the others. I picked him up and he kissed my face. That's all it took. I couldn't get him out of my head. It took me three days before I went back to pick him up. We're kindred spirits. He's such a clown and loves to make people laugh.
Holly's Ferret, Stormy: Stormy is another rescue girl. She doesn't get along with Zoe so she has to be housed alone. I really wish things were different because she loves Kolby. She came to us after living in a basement with little attention. She's a total spaz when she's playing, but a real sweet girl that gives kisses.
Holly's Cat, Texas: Texas came to us a stray 8 week old. He smelled like garbage and was covered in fleas. We were going to try to find him a home, but nobody wanted another kitty. So he stayed the night with us, and never left. That first night he laid practically on my face and I just fell in love. He's still a very snuggly cat and wants to lay on you if you take a nap. He loves to fetch plastic milk jug rings and dip them in the water dishes.
Holly's Cat, Lexee: Lexee was originally our first foster kitty from a Siamese rescue. We kept telling ourselves that she'd find a home, but she never seemed to sell herself well at adoption days. At home she was a totally different cat. She's very talkative (that's the Siamese in her) and loves to be near us. She's not as shy as Tex is. And she never seems to want me to go to the bathroom by myself!!

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Pictures and text by Lorie and Holly