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Louise's Hamster Porridge: Porridge came from a litter of babies belonging to one of my sons class mates. My son chose him as he liked his colouring. He is a sweet little boy, still a bit jumpy at present but is calming down nicely.
Lorie's Pacific Parrotlet: Cricket was born on 3/9/04, she is a Pacific Parrotlet. She's very sweet and loveable, Cricket loves to sit on my shoulder, she'll happily sit on my shoulder all day if I let her. She loves scrambled eggs for breakfast and gets very excited whenever she hears my voice or sees me.
Morgans Cat Samantha: Samantha is a seven year-old shorthaired Tabby mix. My sister's teacher had a cat that had kittens, so we adopted Samantha from the her. She's been a great cat ever since, even though she tends to get a little feisty and wild she can be a little angel too! Samantha likes to sleep in the strangest spots and we don't know why. I guess I'll never know what's going on in that cat's head!
Morgans Dog Maggie: Maggie is a five year-old Golden Retriever, she loves going swimming in the lake and giving kisses! She is a real sweetheart and can do lots of tricks too. She was adorable as a puppy and still is! Maggie likes to bark at anything that moves attempting to "protect us" like once there was a bunny in our neighbors yard hopping around, then Maggie started barking like crazy! My mum said she was protecting us from the "Killer Bunny" :-)
Holly's Rabbit Digger: Digger is my lovely rabbit and he's 4 months old. Digger's favourite food is anything green. He likes to make slides out of newspaper and chewing toilet rolls and just generally being a nosey bunny. Digger is also a bit of an explorer.....he's not afraid of our dog or cat.

See this adorable video of Holly's bunny, Digger

Holly's Dog Clancy: Clancy is a Border Collie X Golden Retriever. He is Black and White. Hes a super, happy dog who loves to play games. His nickname is "Big Woolly Mammoth". He is 9 years old.

See this adorable video of Holly's dog, Clancy

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Pictures and text by Louise, Lorie, Morgan and Holly