Non-piggy Pets Index

Welcome to the non-piggy pet pages. Here you will see lots of wonderful animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, mice, hamsters and birds. I've listed all the lovely pets on this page along with the owners name, so if your pets are guests you'll be able to find their special place. If you would like your pets to be guests on our site, whether your pet be a horse, cat, dog, mouse or a pet ant, they are all very welcome, please e-mail me your pictures, videos and a few lines about each pet.

Page One

Merry's Dog, Sparkle:
Celine's Cat, Minou:
Wheekie's Budgie, Blue-boy:
Wheekie's Budgie, Barney:
aL's Rabbit, Molly:
Jo's Rabbit, Karrots:
Louise's Ferrets, Slinky and Lavinia:
Louise's Dogs, Ruffle and Pinni:

Page Two

Louise's Mice, Mish and Molly:
Louise's Mouse, Lorna:
Sum's Cat, Molly:
Lonnie's Cat, Cassidy:
Lonnie's Cat, Joey:
Lonnie's Cat, Tobey:
Steve's Cat, Tyson
Louise's Hamster, Pebbles:

Page Three

Lorie's Cockatiel, Holly:
Lorie's Cockatiel, Pretty Boy:
Lorie's Canarie, Peepers:
Lorie's Canarie, Sherbert:
Lorie's Cat, Precious:
Holly's Ferret, Zoe:
Holly's Ferret, Kolby:
Holly's Ferret, Stormy:
Holly's Cat, Texas:
Holly's Cat, Lexee:

Page Four

Louise's Hamster Porridge:
Lorie's Pacific Parrotlet Cricket:
New Guest: Morgan's Cat Samantha:
New Guest: Morgan's Dog Maggie:
Holly's Rabbit Digger: also includes video
Holly's Dog Clancy: also includes video

Drawing of Merry's dog Sparkle by Alix