Pauline's Piggies

I'm very sad to say that my dear friend Pauline sadly passed away on Friday 2nd June 2006. I met Pauline on-line almost 5 years ago on a guinea pig message board. Some of our vistors may know Pauline as Pcfew or Poms.

Pauline, I feel so privileged to have known you and remember the very first time I met you on a guinea pig forum. You was so caring, thoughtful with a wonderful sense of humour. After only just a few posts and pm's, I felt I'd known you for years. Jenna my daughter also warmed to you straight away and we will both remember you as being such a wonderful lady and a very dear friend. Goodbye my dear friend xx

Our hearts go out to Tweetypie, m-girl, Hayley and family.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of Pauline's guinea pigs who had shared her life and was so very much loved.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view.

Tweetie and Sweetie: This is Tweetie and Sweetie when they were babies, awww. They are now about seven momths old, they are Buttercups babies.
Buttercup: Here we have Buttercup, she is such a loving piggy, she loves humans but not other piggies.
Chubby: Here is my man Chubby, he will only let me pick him up, if any one eles try's he bites them, I love him to bits.
Coco: Here is my lovely Coco, she is a queen amongst piggies.
Rattie: This is Rattie who was named by my lovely friend Wheekies, when she was born she really looked like a rat.
Baby: And this is Baby, Ratties sister, she loves her veg and grass, she cant get enough.
Princess: This is Princess, she is such a sweet piggy, and loves to be picked up.
Porsha: This is Porsha, who belongs to my daughter Tweety. She is a very loving piggy, loves contact from everyone, she really is a peoples piggy. She is about eight months old. Porsha loves to chew her coat and any other pig she is housed with, for this reason she lives on her own.
Star: This is star, she has a bell on every tooth, she is so loud at the side of the others, she loves a lot of fuss and if she don't get it she soon lets you know. She is like a ball of fluff and so soft.
Sugar: Here is lovely Sugar at one week old. My lovely friend Jenna ( Jackie's youngest daughter ) gave Sugar her name and also her sister Spice who you can see below. Their father is Mr.Frosty, a gorgeous piggy who mean't the world to me. He sadly passed away, you can see him in the Rainbow Bridge section. I'm so glad I have Mr.Frosty's daughters.
Spice: Here is sweet little Spice, this picture was taken when she was one day old. Spice looks so much like her dad.
Ragmuffin: This is my Ragmuffin, he is such a lovely boy, he is about five to six months old, he is my rescue piggy.

Pictures and text by Pauline