Peter Gurney's Piggies

My piggies and I received a lovely surprise in our e-mail box on Tuesday 6th December 2005 from Mr.Peter Gurney, guinea pig expert and author of many outstanding guinea pig books. Peter had visited our site and very kindly sent us some photo's of his guinea pigs. Here they are and what fine muscians they make!. Thank you so much Peter for sending them and allowing us to make a special place for them here on our guest pages.

I'm very sad to say that Peter sadly passed away on Saturday 1st July 2006 aged 68. As a tribute to dear Peter, I will keep Peter's beautiful piggies on our site. Thank you Peter for all the years you have helped many guinea pigs and their owners all over the world, you have truly been a great inspiration to us all. I'm sure your now reunited with all your angel piggies who have crossed over to rainbow bridge and your taking care of all our angel piggies.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view.

Mandy: Mandy on the accordion.
Isabel: Isabel on the keyboard.
Sarah: Sarah on the keyboard and saxophone.
Jake: Jake on the keyboard.

Pictures and text by Peter Gurney