Piggle's Piggies

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Mocha: Mocha was born in around July 2001. She's often found snoozing inside her 'chube' or under the hammock in the cage. Mocha is quiet and a bit submissive and as a result is often the bullied pig, although she does occasionally stand up for herself handing out a few chin butts on the way! However, she usually ends up giving up her space at the food bowl to someone else or watching her bit of carrot being snatched from under her nose!
Truffles: Truffles came from a small local rescue after her owners gave her up when her little friend died. When she first came to live with me, she was very jumpy and skittish but has improved beyond recognition. She comes up begging for food when anyone walks up the stairs and loves coming out of her cage to explore. She is kept in her place by Mocha, the "top pig", when necessary in the form of continuous chin butts!

Pictures and text by Piggles