Guinea Pig Collection 10

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A lovely little guinea pig that was given to me by my friend Beth. Its made of hard plastic and makes a very cute addition to my guinea pig collection. Thanks so much Beth.
Here are 3 gorgeous wooden items that my friend Anna gave me. A wooden pencil box that say's 'I Love Guinea Pigs', it also has my name on the box too! There is a wooden picture frame that also says 'I love Guinea Pigs' and a lovely wooden guinea pig sign that says 'Jackie's Piggies' 24/7 Cavy Slave. Aren't they all delightful. Thanks so much Anna. They were created by a lady who runs a site called Dandilion-Doodles. I'm afraid the site is down at the moment but hopefully it will be up again soon.
Two beautifully hand painted stones showing two very cute guinea pigs. Lovely gifts from my brother Steve. Thanks so much Steve! The artists name is R.E Ford and they were purchased on E-Bay UK. I will include a direct link if I can find it.
A delightful small hand mirror with a beautiful picture of a christmas guinea pig choir. Drawn by the very talented artist Caroline Whittle You can buy this mirror and other lovely designs at The Winking Cavy Store
A lovely 10 paged board book called Bedtime by author Kate Duke. A very nice gift from my friend Janet. Thanks very much Janet! It has some very cute drawings. You can buy this book and other guinea pig books by the same author at Amazon.Co.UK
Here is a gorgeous book called 'My Best Friend, Bob. Author Georgie Ripper tells the story of best guinea pig friends, Brian and Bob, who are cruelly separated when Bob is sold and suddenly taken away from the pet shop. Now poor Brian has no-one to play I-Spy with, and even a peanut can't cheer him up. Misery sets in until he, too, is sold, and the two guinea pigs are reunited. A lovely gift from my friend Anna. Thanks Anna! You can buy this delightful book at Amazon.Co.UK
Here is pewter guinea pig thimble and comes in its own little dome. It measures 3cm tall and has the Queens 2002 jubilee on the reverse. I found this lovely thimble at The Winking Cavy Store
An adorable guinea pig Christmas poster that I found at The Winking Cavy Store Everyone who came to our house over Christmas thought how cute it was. It came in a cardboard tube so its easy to store away until next Christmas.
Here is a lovely guinea pig heart pendant complete with a very nice gift tag. A beautiful gift from my friend Beth, thank you very much Beth.
A very cute fridge magnet showing a guinea pig mum and her babies. I found the magnet at The Winking Cavy Store A large selection to choose from.
Here is a wonderful little purse that my friend Anna gave me. Thank you so much Anna. I used to have a little PVC purse as a child and remember the lovely smell, so my little guinea pig purse brought back happy memories. The Winking Cavy Store has a lovely collection of purses, pencil cases, make-up bags etc that you can buy.

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