Guinea Pig Collection 5

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Here is an incredible air plant with a delightful guinea pig ornament that I found at my local Wyevale Garden Centre
Next is a lovely selection of guinea pig cards and postcards that I've saved from family and friends. You can buy many guinea pig cards from The Winking Cavy Store
A beautiful knitted christmas guinea pig which has lovely pink gems and a pink ribbon. Remember you can now buy these gorgeous knitted guinea pigs from Thistle Cavies Rescue Also, you can see my page dedicated to these lovely knitted piggies, visit Knitted Guinea Pigs
Next is a very pretty pink guinea pig by the makers of Ty Toys. As you'll see she has a visible tail, unlike a real guinea pig, but isn't she lovely!. Her name is Rosa and I found her at a ty store that I occasionally visit.
Another lovely knitted guinea pig called Rainbow that I couldn't resist buying.
I think its times for another group photo of my cuddly guinea pig toys, so here they all are!
Next is a gorgeous and very funny 2005 Guinea Lynx calendar. I'm so proud to announce that my 4 girls, Jasmine, Clover, Sweetpea and Peachy are october's calendar girls. I hope all this fame doesn't go to their heads, they are already wanting me to be their agent :)
Here they are!! I love the funny caption that was used to go with my girls picture. Thanks so much Lynx for choosing my girls to star in the calendar.

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