Guinea Pig Collection 7

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Here's an adorable guinea pig family that my daughter Jenna bought for me. Isn't it sweet, thanks so much Jen!. My guinea pig family came from The Winking Cavy Store
Next is a beautiful guinea pig mug, also a present from my daughter Jenna. I now have a lovely selection of guinea pig mugs that I still have displayed in my cabinet. Thanks ever so much Jen! You can buy this lovely mug from Thistle Cavies Rescue Shop
Then we have a gorgeous guinea pig cushion cover. Thank you so much to my daughter Kathy, it really is lovely. My cushion cover came from The Winking Cavy Store
Next are two delightful Olga da Polga story books by Michael Bond. I found the books in a local charity shop and they were in excellent condition. I now have 4 Olga da Polga books and there are a few others in the series. I'm sure my Sweetpea is secretly posing for the lovely book covers, she looks so much like Olga da Polga :) You can buy Olga da Polga books and many other story books about guinea pigs from The Winking Cavy Store You can also find guinea pig story books from
A splendid guinea pig writing set with envelopes. A lovely present from my daughter Kathy. You can buy guinea pig stationery products also from The Winking Cavy Store Thanks so much Kathy!
I just couldn't resist buying this cotton guinea pig shopping bag, to show the world how much I adore guinea pigs. As you can see from the picture, its well used. I bought my bag from Thistle Cavies Rescue Shop
A beautifully illustrated story book called Sammy The Classroom Guinea Pig. Thank you so much Janet, it really is a lovely book. You can have your very own copy and read all about Sammy at
Here is a delightful guinea pig soft toy who I've named Sammy after the above story book. Isn't he adorable and so silky too. Sammy was also a lovely gift from Janet. Thank you so much Janet.

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