Guinea Pig Collection 8

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Here is a lovely collectable guinea pig that my brother Steve bought me. Its made by Wade Wimsey, England. I remember as a child, my mother collected Wade Wimsey miniature animals. My guinea pig was such a lovely surprise, thank you so much Steve! I did find a site all about Wade Wimmy ornaments, so as soon as I find it again, I'll place a link here. You may find a Wade Wimsey guinea pig at
Next is a beautiful guinea pig from The Leonardo Collection 2003, also a wonderful present from my brother Steve. Isn't she lovely! Thanks ever so much Steve. You could also look out for Leonardo guinea pigs at
Here are 3 more delightful guinea pig story books featuring a darling guinea pig named Yuki. Thank you so much Kathy from Guinea Pig Fun for sending me them. I'm now the proud owner of 6 Yuki books. Yuki the star of the books, also has his own website, where you can buy a series of his books. Visit Yukitopia
Next is a lovely coaster made out of a painting of Jasmine and one of my favourite photo's of Jasmine drinking from her bottle which has been made into a key ring. Thank you so much Treen and also to Kathy who painted the picture of Jasmine.
Another beautiful knitted guinea pig to add to my lovely collection, a gift from my daughter Kathy, many thanks Kathy! My knitted angel guinea pig was lovingly made by Carol. Carol is now knitting guinea pigs for Thistle Cavies Rescue Shop so you'll be able to order them on-line.
Here are two delightful guinea pig story books by the author Lucy Daniels. Guinea pig in the greenhouse and guinea pig in garage, complete with an audio tape. Thank you so much to my daughter Jenna for buying them for me. You can buy these two books along with other animal stories by author Lucy Daniels in book shops or on-line at
I bought this beautiful guinea pig greeting card from The Winking Cavy Store A lovely print by the talented artist Pollyanna Pickering I hope to find a frame for it, to go with my other picture by Pollyanna Pickering, which you can see on page 4.
A delightful guinea pig writing set with lovely drawings by Caroline Whittle Please visit Caroline's site to see lots of wonderful art work. I bought my writing set from The Winking Cavy Store

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