Guinea Pig Collection 9

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Here are two beautifully handmade figurines of my abby girls, Peachy and Sweetpea. I'd like to say a very big thank you to Merry for making them for me. As you can see, they are identical to my girls. Visit Merry's site to order your very own personalised guinea pig figurine. Cavy Love
Here are Peachy and Sweetpea with their identical twins :) See below to see even more figurines of my lovely piggies, also handmade by Merry.
Here is my beautiful figurine of my Jasmine, complete with even her tiny strands of hair which were down the side of her face.
Here is my beautiful Clover, complete with her lovely orange spot on her nose and an identical expression that Clover used to give me :)
My very handsome boy Squeekie, so much detail has been included, even Squeekies dark nostril.
Here is Squeekie with his mini twin.
My very handsome Jake, complete with his small white mark near his nose.
Here is Jake with his mini twin. All my piggy figurines are proudly displayed in my living room. Thank you once again to my friend Merry, I will treasure them always.
Here in England there have been delightful (pretend) guinea pigs featured in a TV advert, advertising Egg Card. The guinea pigs wear clothes, talk and look ever so cute! Here is a beer mat that my friend Treen sent me, thanks very much Treen! To see a couple of the adverts, visit Egg Card Adverts
Here is a guinea pig book by Dick King-Smith, a delightful gift from my friend Beth. Thank you so much Beth. Its a really nice learning book for young children and the illustrations are beautiful. You may find the book in your local book store or visit
Another lovely book from my friend Beth, called Nell and Fluffy. Thank you ever so much Beth. Its full of beautiful drawings and a story about young girl called Nell and her guinea pig Fluffy. Nell learns an important lesson about peer pressure and the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet. Part of the book makes sad reading, but its a very happy ending for Nell and her guinea pig Fluffy. As a young girl, I had a guinea named Fluff, so the book brings back fond memories of my little Fluff. I'm not sure if the book is available in UK book stores but you can find a copy at

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