Guinea Pig Pregnancy Links

These links are for anyone seeking information about guinea pig pregnancy, birth, post-birth and hand rearing baby guinea pigs. Please note: Jackie's Guinea Piggies would never encourage anyone to breed from their guinea pigs My reason for adding a links page for this particular subject is because I felt it was needed. You may find yourself with an already pregnant sow which can happen if your guinea pig came from a pet shop. You may also have brought home two guinea pigs and was told they are both the same gender, when in fact they weren't.

I have also included links that discourage breeding and I hope you will support Jackie's Guinea Piggies view and not breed from your guinea pig. You only have to read the second link to learn why you shouldn't breed.

Sign's of Pregnancy in Cavies Mette the Vette has detailed pages on signs of pregnancy, birth, possible birth complications and post birth.

Reasons not to Breed Cavy Spirit is a guinea pig rescue site. Here Teresa explains in great detail why breeding guinea pigs is not a good idea.

Reproduction Guinea Lynx has detailed pages about reproduction. They also have a guinea pig emergency and medical forum where you can ask questions if you already find yourself with a pregnant sow.

Peter Gurney: Pregnancy Peter Gurney, a very well known author of guinea pig books, explains about his own experiences of his sows pregnancies and births.

Pregnancy and Hand Rearing Hey! Pigs has very good information on pregnancy and hand rearing baby guinea pigs.

Pregnancies and Babies Seagulls Guinea Pig Compendium has information about pregnancy and information on hand feeding baby guinea pigs.

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