Primrose and Molly

Primrose came to live with us at 6 weeks old, quickly followed by Molly, who was also 6 weeks. Primrose was such a sweet, gentle girl and in many ways, was very much like my Clover. Primrose was a beautiful brown and white abby. We used to call her Prim for short or 'little hot cross bun' because of her markings. She used to love running around the settee, doing about 10 laps before she decided she'd had enough. Both Prim amd Molly lived in a large wading pool. I gave them boxes full of hay so they felt safe and cosy. Prim used to jump into her home after her playtime. I never had to pick her up to put her back, she knew when playtime was over because she saw my hands reaching out to her. So a quick lap around the wading pool and in she went. Prim loved cuddles, she was such a loving little girl. Prim hardly ever wheeked, Molly used to be the wheeker out of the two.

Sadly Prim made her journey to Rainbow Bridge in April 2001 at a young age, she was only 2 years and 7 months. Prim suddenly collapsed. I took her to the vets straight away but she sadly passed away while I was there. I couldn't hold back my tears until I got home, my vet was so understanding. It was so hard telling my daughters and husband John that Prim had passed away, we was really hoping that she would be alright. We'll never forget you, our dear little Prim, you'll be in our heart forever xx

Molly was also a very sweet piggy, especially to humans, but she did used to get a bit moody with Prim at a certain time in her oestrus cycle. Molly's nickname was 'Molly mop'. As you'll see from her photo's she was a Sheltie guinea pig. I needed to give her regular hair cuts so she didn't trip on her hair. In the summer months, I kept it quite short so she'd be more comfortable. Molly was so funny when I used to trim her hair, she never enjoyed a hairdressing session. First she'd put her front feet on me, seeing I didn't get the message (well I did, but I wanted to finish her hair cut) she then used to leap up and I'd catch her in my arms. I was always very close to her because I knew she liked to jump up. Molly liked to purr, like Prim she loved cuddles and if ever I heard wheeking it was always Molly begging for food. After Prim had passed away we didn't want Molly to live alone, so that is when Clover came to live with us. I was so happy that Molly accepted Clover straight away, they got on really well.

Molly sadly made her journey to Rainbow Bridge in June 2001, only 6 weeks after Prim. She suffered from a respiratory problem in January of that year. Molly was on antibiotics for a few weeks, but sadly she didn't make a full recovery and her breathing was a little laboured. Molly was such a little fighter, my vet gave her steroids which eased her breathing. But in June she sadly passed away peacefully in my arms. Our little Molly mop, I'm sure that you are now popcorning with Prim and having lots of lovely times together, even having a tug of war with your veggies, a game you both used to love. We'll never forget you, our dear little Molly mop, you'll be in our heart forever xx

Here are some lovely photo's of Primrose and Molly. I'm affraid I don't have that many pictures, but I've lots of video footage of them which bring back so many happy memories for us of our little hot cross bun and Molly mop. The last two photo's are of my daughters Katharine and Jenna holding Prim.

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As well as the beautiful drawing of Primrose and Molly that you can see above, my friend Merry also drew this delightful drawing of my cat Billy with Primrose and Molly. Thank you so much Merry, they mean such a lot to me.

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