Rebecca's Piggies

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Bubble: This is Bubble. She comes from pets at home and we've had her for two and a half years. She is a rather large piggy, our biggest, and always makes sure she gets to the vegetables first! Despite being rather bossy, she is lovely and cuddly to hold and really friendly. Her favourite food is cherry tomatoes.
Squeak: We got Squeak from pets at home with Bubble. They both live together inside our house, but in the Summer they munch grass outside in their run. Squeak is very gentle and friendly and she likes to sit beside your neck and snuggle up when you hold her. She lives up to her name and squeaks loudly when the fridge door opens! Her favourite food is cucumber.
Pickle: Pickle comes from Chatsworth Farm. We got her last summer along with her sister, Popcorn. She's rather shy and very quiet. Although she doesn't like cuddles very much, she's very sweet and tries to climb inside your coat or jacket to snuggle up. Her favourite food is Romaine lettuce.
Popcorn: Popcorn is Pickles sister, and is named because of the way her fur makes her look like a piece like popcorn! In the summer, they live outside, but in the winter they are kept warm in the garage. Popcorn loves to be cuddled and squeaks very loudly when you open the garage door. Her favourite food is celery.
Jabba: Jabba is our only male guinea pig and lived with a friend of ours before us. Soon after Jabba was bought, his guinea pig companion died. When he was 4 years old, our friend gave him to us because she couldn't look after him anymore. Now he lives in his own hutch and is kept close to Pickle and Popcorns hutch so that he doesn't get lonely. He is a really gentle and sweet pig, and although he is very quiet he loves a cuddle. His favourite food is carrots.
Group Photo: Here's another nice photo of Bubble, Squeak, Pickle and Popcorn together in the outside run.

Pictures and text by Rebecca