Susie's Piggies

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Prince: Prince was the first piggy I got. He is a handsome himalayan, adopted from Squeaky PIgs Rescue Castleford. We got him a friend to live next to him (he was full grown & an ex- breeding boar so unlikely to accept a cage mate)
Spam: Spam was the friend... (also from squeaky pigs) except they got on so well side by side we introduced them slowly & carefully & they have now been living happily in the same cage for a year. Spam is gorgeous, greedy & doesn't really know he's a guinea pig... never seen him strut, chatter or anything. Though he can WHEEK for England!
Hugo: Hugo was adopted from squeaky pigs even though he was over my limit of piggies as he was gorgeous... my dream pig. Perfect colour & favorite breed at the time. He has grown into a laid back cuddly rex piggy... though sadly he has had to be seperated from his Friend Rainbow as they fell out.
Rainbow: Rainbow was a gift from a breeder who was touched by the sad loss of previous piglet Elmo at just 5 weeks. Elmo was to be Hugo's friend and Hugo was very sad when he passed away. Rainbow has now grown into a chubby boy (& still growing!) and is cheeky with a capital C.
Elmo: Elmo was the most stunning lovely pig & made such a difference here. We loved him straight away. Sadly though our joy was short lived as our baby Elmo died after just one week with us, aged just 5 weeks.
Bubba: Bubba is a nosey 14 month old red & white boar. He was adopted from squeaky pigs rescue in Castleford, West Yorks. where he was nursed through a painful abscess which he developed behind his eye. Sadly Bubba had to have the eye removed to save his life. Thanks to the hard work put in by Louise at the rescue he is now fully recovered. He is leading a normal life and is happy & healthy and settling well in his new home. He takes a striking piccy, with his permanent wink winning him lots of attention!

Pictures and text by Susie