Thank you for visiting this page. In addition to my terms of use, I've also included a Graphic Information page , which I hope you'll find useful. Unless otherwise stated, all my graphic pages contain the 'Terms of Use' button at the top of each page.

1) You are very welcome to use the graphics to make web-sets for your own personal use or use my graphics to decorate your site, unless otherwise stated. If you are making web-sets using my graphics, you are welcome to re-size them, but please don't animate them or change them in any other way.

2) Please do not add my graphics to any clip art, graphics, psp tubes or cyberpet collection for others to download. Please do not make any kind of graphics for others to use or download. This includes making awards, signatures, web-sets and other types of graphics. All my graphics must be just for your own personal use.

3) School children are very welcome to use my graphics for non-commercial projects.

4) If you are using any of my guinea pig graphics for your web-site, I do require a link back. Please link back on every page where my guinea pig graphics are used. I have provided link buttons or you can also use a text link, please name your text Jackie's Guinea Pig Graphics and link either text or a link button back to All my backgrounds and web-sets have matching link buttons, you can use any of those or you'll find other buttons here Link Buttons

5) My graphics should not be used without my permission for re-sale or merchandise.

6) Only web-sites that are child/family friendly are allowed to use my graphics.

Once again, thank you for reading my terms of use. Now on to the fun part of choosing the graphics. My piggies and I hope you enjoy them.

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