Treen's Piggies

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Charlie: Charlie had a hard start in life as her previous owners let her get pregnant at only a couple of months old. She and her sister Fred came from a very inbred situation so we were relieved when she had three gorgeous and healthy babies (Tefal, Ziggy and Chas - who all stayed with me). After that, she definitely started moving around a bit quicker! She's still the laziest of the bunch though, she ambles around the house happily, but food is the only thing that makes this girl gallop! Charlie is very cuddly, especially if you have the veggie treats handy. She's very laid back with the other pigs and has no interest in bossing anyone else around so long as they don't pinch her food!
Fred: Fred is a real feisty little character and she rules the herd with ease. She knows exactly what she wants and can't abide time wasters. Whether someone is stroking her fur slightly in the wrong direction, or taking too long to chop up her veggies and get them in the bowl, or another pig is in the box she wants to go in or hogging the best looking bit of carrot, she will let you know with a frustrated chunter! Do as she says though and she's putty in your hands. Fred is a real performer - she knows how to manipulate people in to giving her veggies and boy does she use it! She came from the same place as Charlie (they are sisters) so was very lucky to escape pregnancy.
Bob: Bob came to me from my friend's guinea pig rescue. She'd been rejected by her previous owners on account of her feet not being perfectly formed although she can still run around completely normally. Bob hadn't been handled much, so it was a challenge to bring her out of her shell and convince her we were really quite nice people if she trusted us. And soon enough she was cautiously free-ranging with the others, taking veggies from our hands, and even launching an attack to claim the position of top pig (which she lost - Fred was outraged and asserted her authority for a while after!). Bob's a very noisy pig and chunters her way around the cage and house - she's a real sweetie!

Pictures and text by Treen