Trillian's Piggies

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Hazel: Born Feb 13 2002. I had wanted a Himilayan guinea pig for about three years but my BF would not let me have another guinea pig (2 was enough for him). He promised if I got a job at a vet clinic though, I could have one more, so Hazel came to live within a few days after I started my new job. Hazel is the youngest and the lowest ranking of my guinea pigs, and therefore tends to get picked on a bit by the other pigs. Even still she is also one of the least shy of my pigs and quite the chatterbox. Sometimes I think her mouth is attached to her feet as she cannot go anywhere without wheeking. She is a very easy pig to please and will purr for hours at you if you scratch her in the right spot. When she was little she loved to curl up in my sweat shirt hood and fall asleep, something none of my other pigs have ever felt comfortable enough to do.
Rajah: Born June 1999. Rajah was adopted from the SPCA with his sister at seven months old and the pair of them were my first guinea pigs. I had wanted guinea pigs for ages but my boyfriend was reluctant to have pets until we were more settled. For my birthday though my friends adopted them for me and I was thrilled. Even my boyfriend had to admit they were pretty cute. His sister has since passed on from cancer, so he now lives with his little harem (three other girls) whom he adores. He is constantly purring and wiggling his bum at them in the hopes that they will get cozy with him. He doesn't understand that he is neutered. Since I have had Rajah the longest of my 4 pigs (almost 5 years now) he tends to be my favourite, although it helps that he is the least shy and loves to be picked up and cuddled. He is a very sweet little pig and constantly puts a smile on my face.
Penny: Born July 2001. Penny was adopted from the SPCA after losing another of my guinea pigs to cancer. I went to the SPCA with the intention of "just looking," but when I saw Penny I fell in love with her and I had to take her home with me. She was wet and matted when I got her home but after a bath and a haircut she was as good as new. She's such a docile pig that she fitted in immediately with my other three pigs with no squabbles at all. Penny is my first long-haired guinea pig and her coat requires a lot more work than I expected but I don't mind. She is usually the favourite with visitors, even with people who never much liked guinea pigs before. She is one of my shyer pigs as well but has a very sweet dispostion and is very cuddly once you have her in your lap.
Violet: Born Sept 2001. Violet was sort of an unexpected pig. I went to adopt another pig from a breeder I knew and Violet was there. The breeder wanted to adopt her out to a good home because her mother had chewed off her ears as a baby, and she was willing to just give her to me. I ended up going home with two pigs instead of one. My BF wasn't too thrilled at first but her odd personality grew on him. She is by far the most skittish of my pigs. When we first got her I could not even hold her, she would shoot out of your hands and dissappear under the couch. She has calmed down a lot since then and allows us to hold her, but she is a bit of a bully with my other pigs. She pullls out their hair and nips at them, so as a result she lives in a separate cage above them. She can still socialize with them but cannot barber them. Her strange personality just makes me love her even more though.
Sage: "Sage is the most recent addition to my piggie herd. She belonged to a co-worker of mine who asked me to pigsit for a week-end. Sage's cagemate had recently passed away and her owner felt bad Sage was alone, but she didn't want to get another pig as she already had 4 cats and 3 dogs in her new tiny apartment. Sage fits in so well with my pigs, that she just ended up staying with me. She's cuddly with people but a bit bossy with other pigs, so she got on great with Violet and now lives with her. Sage is a funny little pig. She is obsessed with her water bottle and spends most of her day sitting in front of it fiddling with the spout. Everyone who visits loves her redhead hairdo. Her previous owwner and I are very happy that her and Violet have each other now."
Group Picture: Here are my lovely piggies together.

Pictures and text by Trillian