Collected Guinea Pig Graphics

Even more guinea pigs that I have found. I have placed a link under each section where needed. Please don't take any of the piggies from here, just visit each link to view the owners terms of use.

Here are some mini guinea pigs that I came across a few years ago. You'll also find lots of other cute animals at Charlie World

I have seen this adorable guinea pig around for a few years and finally found the site where it originally came from. Isn't he adorable! Visit Free Animations by Susan to see his original home. Lots of other cute animal animations too.

I don't know who originally made this adorable animation, but I will of course give credit if anyone knows. Isn't it delightful! I found it at Comfy Cavies Clipart

As far as I'm aware, these guinea pigs have been around on the internet for a number of years and I'm unaware of any copyrights. However, if anyone does know who created them, I will of course give them credit.

These lovely guinea pigs came from Clips Ahoy's Clipart Island

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