Before you enter the adoption area, there is just one more step to go. Please read the adoption agreement and information.

No1: All my cyberpets need a loving home, so you must have a website so my cyberpets have a place to stay. I will also allow my cyberpets to have a home on MySpace or similar pages.

No2: Your home needs to be child/family friendly.

No3: Please do not put my pets into your own adoption centre and put them up for adoption as your own or add them to any kind of graphics collection for others to download. Also, please do not use my cyberpets to make any type of graphics. My cyberpets must not be changed in anyway.

No4: You will need to link back to my adoption centre. I have provided a few certificates. Please link any certificates back to http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/cyberpetadoptions.html

Now that you have read my adoption agreement, you may click 'I agree' which will take you on a path to my adoption centre. If you don't agree, click 'I don't agree' and that path will take you to my main site, Jackie's Guinea Piggies.

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