Penelope Nala, Penny for short.
Not knowing exactly when Penny was born, as she came from a rescue, but we were told she was roughly 9 months old when we adopted Penny in late November 2008. So my daughter Kathy who is Penny's mum, picked a date for Penny to celebrate her birthday, which is 1st March, so she is now two years old.
Penny is a beautiful chocolate and white Mini Rex.
Penny is very lovable and a joy to be with and watch, she melted our hearts straight away. Penny is very comical and can charge around the settee at what looks like 50 mph, doing her binky's, she is such a happy little lady. Penny is such a clean rabbit, learning to use her litter tray within days. Penny is very easy to lift up in your arms, she feels like a little rag doll and rarely struggles but you have to keep a firm hold of her as she can be unpredictable if she's ready to be put on the floor.
We adopted Penny as a cage-mate for Thumper, thinking that she was a he, as a spayed female and neutered male are easier to bond. However, the rescue made a huge mistake and gave us a spayed female. Unfortunately, both Penny and Thumper just couldn't get along. A few females can get along but sadly, a close friendship just never happened between Penny and Thumper.
Likes and Dislikes
Penny loves all her veg but surprisingly turns away from cucumber. Penny is such a good hay eater and will get through alot of her Timothy Hay, bundle after bundle. She always has meadow hay in her cage as a backup, should she run out of Timothy Hay in the night. Penny adores jumping on the settee and will even fall asleep or rest next to my daughter Kathy. I think Penny thinks she's a cat :) Penny also has a funny habit of licking cushions, not just for a few seconds but minutes. Penny is also very fond of licking her soft rabbit toy that her Auntie Anna gave her. I will try and film Penny grooming her little rabbit friend. Penny also loves going through her large tunnels and ripping up my TV guide lol

See Penny doing her lovely 'Binky' on YouTube

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A picture slide of Penny's 1st Birthday

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