Guinea Pig Links

Here's lots of lovely guinea pig sites for you to visit. If your looking for guinea pig rescue sites, visit my Guinea Pig Rescue links page. I've included a few guinea pig health sites on this page but you'll also find additional links on my Guinea Pig Health links page.

If you have a guinea pig site or a page about your guinea pigs, we'd love to see them. Please send us your site name and address and if my piggies give their *wheek* of approval, I'll pop it on this page.e-mail

~Guinea Pig Homepages~

Treen's Pigs
Comfy Cavies
The Butler Princesses
The Mittins Family
Cavy Madness.Com
Guinea Pig Care
My Radha Piggie
Abyssinian Treasures
Guinea Pigs: All About Them
Ridgeback Guinea Pigs
The Guinea Pig Website
Guinea Pig Compendium
The Cavy Clan
Cutie Cavies
Guinea Pig Club
I Luv Muffin
Bean Makers

~Guinea Pig Health~

The Peter Gurney Health Guide
Guinea Lynx
Gorgeous Guineas (Skin Problems)
Wheekerpedia: Links

~Guinea Pig Message Boards~

Guinea Lynx
Wheekers Cavy Forum
Cavy Madness
Cavy Cages
The Pigloo Forums
The Guinea Pig Forum

~Guinea Pig Fun Sites~

Guinea Pig Theatre
Treen's Pigs Amusement Arcade
Guinea Pig Fun
Piggy Snouts

~Boarding Services~

Comfy Cavies
Happy Hutches

~On-line Guinea Pig Products: Food and Accessories~

Bunny Mail UK
Oxbow Hay Company US
Critter Cozies CAN/US
The Hay Experts UK
SPH Supplies UK
Piggie Marketplace US
Galen's Garden UK
Penstone Pet Store UK

~On-line Guinea Pig Gift Shops~

Thistle Cavies Rescue UK
The Winking Cavy Store UK

~Guinea Pig Graphics~

Jackie's Graphics
Comfy Clipart
Charlie World

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