Friend's Little Angels

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Louise's Dulcie: Little Dulcie passed away at 6.10pm on Saturday 31st January 2004. She had shown no signs of illness and a couple of hours before had been eating and drinking. Dulcie was so laid back and a very easy going little girl who got on well with other pigs and people alike. She loved to come out for a run or a cuddle, and would stand at the cage front, scratching and bobbing her head up and down until she gained your attention. She was very inquisitive and was loved by many people. It came as a great shock to loose Dulcie and will take a long time to come to terms with her death. I will never forget you little fat girl. I loved you loads and look forward to meeting you at the Bridge.
Louise's Scamp: Scamp sadly passed away on Sunday 29th February 2004. I Shall miss you Scamper, but know you have gone to a better place. I shall look forward to meeting you again. Until then have fun playing at the bridge with all our dearly departed babies. Love your mum Louise.
Chloe's Sylvie: Sylvie was the most adorable guinea pig. He was the sweetest piggy you could ever have, he never stopped squeaking and was so friendly. He was very sociable and had lots of friends, humans and guinea pigs! Right until the end he was always very lively and loved running down the garden. He will always be missed.
Merry's Spicy: Spicy was my first piggie, and she led the way to many more. I had gone to the pet store looking for a hamster, but I happened to notice the baby guinea pigs frolicking around and thought they were adorable so I asked to hold one. They handed me a sweet little ball of brown and white fluff, and of course I fell in love and brought her home the next day. Spicy's personality really blossomed over the next year. She turned into a bossy, prissy thing who thought the world revolved around her and I loved her all the more for it. She had her sweet moments though - she did love her cheek rubs and if I was lucky I might even get a little purr out of her. Spicy passed away in February, 2005 when a mysterious disease struck my little herd and she is very much missed. She will always hold a special place in my heart.
Merry's Stawberry: We got Strawberry a couple months after Spicy with the intent of breeding him to her and rehoming him with a male baby. However, he wasn't too interested in his little job and soon became a well-loved member of the family. Little Strawbs had a darling personality - he loved to be around people and if there was a purring contest for guinea pigs he would have won. He was never a very healthy boy and survived two URIs, but through it all he kept up his happy personality and love for life. We also lost Strawberry in February and we all miss him lots. A sweeter pig never lived.
Merry's Opie: Opie lived with us for only a short time but he touched all of our hearts during his stay. He arrived from his previous home with various health problems, including lice, impaction, and foot sores. But with lots of TLC he soon became a healthy, happy boy and moved in with Strawberry whom he bonded with well. Opie loved attention and one of his favorite activities was spreading out in his human friends' laps to have his head stroked. Tragically he died shortly after Spicy and Strawberry after we'd had him just four months. Though they are all still terribly missed, I find comfort in knowing that they are all together keeping each other company and that someday I might see them again.
aL's Lucy: I got Lucy after a succession of bad runs with Guinea Pigs - having them pass away for various, unrelated reasons. I went to get Lucy from a Breeder who had rescued her from someone who was badly mistreating her, and from the moment I held her we were friends for life. She gave birth 5 weeks after arriving at my house, to Hillary who is still with us today. Lucy didn't make her 6th Birthday, but Congestive Heart Failure took it's toll on her body and I decided to have her last days as happy as possible and then take her in for her last Vet Appointment. Losing Lucy was like losing a part of myself. She was a great companion and a wonderfully kind and gentle soul.
aL's Yoshe: Yoshe was 5 weeks old when I picked her up and unexpectedly took her home. Her cute face and vibrant personality taking it's place in my herd. Unfortunately her background caused her genetic problems related to being a Satin. Her teeth made it difficult for her to eat, which I was unable to pick up until it was too late. She was able to grab the food from me, but was unable to eat it so she could mask it from me. She died the day before I was taking her to the Vet. Yoshe, at 12 months old, had shown us beauty in a way we couldn't else have witnessed. She will be forever missed, and her death will benefit the quality of care of my other pigs.
aL's Hobbit: Hobbit passed away at 6 months old in January of 2006. His cute little face still echo's in my memory as I think of him just two weeks later. He died whilst I was on holiday for reasons unknown. His health was impeccable until this point and being a Satin hadn't worried me in the slightest with his ever expanding belly and appetite. Hobbit was a gift from a friend, and a very special gift that I will remember forever. A very special little boar that will be remembered in my heart forever... Rest in peace my baby boy...
Julie's Piggie: Piggie was a loving Guinea Pig who adored having cuddles, watching the telly with me and playing with us on the floor. He never complained about anything (only having his claws clipped!) and he just enjoyed being around us all the while. Piggie lived in our flat with us and he had his own room. When he was very tiny he ate through the phone wire and we didn’t notice for two days! From then on he was under constant supervision! We worshiped and spoilt him every single day of his life.
Piggie: I miss you so much my sweetheart ….. I miss telling you I love you every day ….. I miss taking you breakfast every morning ….. I miss our cuddles – especially our Sunday morning “special” cuddles when you fell asleep curled up in my arms and dreamed – only to wake yourself up with a loud “burrrrrrh” ….. I miss coming home to see your beautiful face every day ….. I miss tickling your ears, which made you purr with delight and close your eyes ….. I miss watching you play “I’ll get the Piggie” with Daddy ….. I miss you walking around me with a loud “burrrrrrh” just to tell me you loved me ….. I miss watching you beg Daddy for food when he was preparing your supper ….. I miss hearing you speak to Daddy telling him it was time for you to go up in your hutch …..
You brought such love and joy to our lives for 3 and a half years – we’ll see you at Rainbow Bridge with your brush and a treat, sweetheart. You will forever be my happy thought, my baby, XXXXXXX

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Pictures and text by Louise, Chloe, Merry, aL and Julie

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