Friend's Little Angels

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Ann and Sandra's Nerys: Our sweet Nerys was only 8 weeks when she came to us, full of energy and so sweet. She made the loudest noises when she noticed someone out in the kitchen, squeeking for veggies and she got it too :o) She has left a big hole in our hearts and we will always love her.
Ann and Sandra's Isis: Isis came to us when she was 1 year old. She was the calm one, loved to lay on my chest and be cuddled. She was my little baby all years through. She got ill a few times but always recovered except this last time, she went ill on the sunday evening, didn't want to eat, and on monday morning (the 21st January 2008) I found her dead in her cage. I will miss her terribly. We will always love her.

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Pictures and text by Ann

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