Friends Little Angel's Index

I would like to dedicate these special pages for my friends lovely pets who have crossed over rainbow bridge. I have named all the beautiful pets on this page along with the owners name.

Page One

Treen's Chas:
Treen's Ziggy:
Wheekie's Felicity:
Pauline's Jenna and Jackie:
Pauline's Mr.Frosty:
aL's Minky:
Merry's Hoppy:
Merry's Midi:

Page Two

Louise's Wonky:
Louise's Jelly Baby:
Louise's Biscuit:
Louise's Damien:
Wheekie's Yellow-bird:
Louise's Buffy:
Chloe's Plop:
Piggle's Christmas:
Treen's Tefal:
Piggle's Pigwig:

Page Three

Louise's Dulcie:
Louise's Scamp:
Chloe's Sylvie:
Merry's Spicy:
Merry's Strawberry:
Merry's Opie:
aL's Lucy:
aL's Yoshe:
aL's Hobbit:
Julie's Piggie:

Page Four

Ann and Sandra's Nerys:
Ann and Sandra's Isis:

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