Non-piggy pets

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Merry's Dog, Sparkle: My parents were in the shelter just looking when Sparkle, then called Prince, was brought in. It's almost like he was sent to us. They adopted him right then but they didn't tell me! They brought me to the shelter the next day to see if I liked him, since I was the one who really wanted a puppy. I thought he was cute, all wet from playing outside, but there was an "adopted" sign hanging on his pen so I forced myself not to get attached to him. I was very surprised when my parents told me that we'd adopted him! I was a little sad because I'd wanted a little puppy on the petfinder site, but little Prince soon got me attached to him and we brought him home the next Monday. He was a wonderful little puppy, but in a few days I still hadn't thought of a good name for him. I was absent-mindedly doodling a star and thinking, "Star, no that's not a good name for him... Spar- Sparkle!" it was perfect. This little puppy brought sparkle to all our lives. Now he's a big, beautiful dog as you can see from the picture. I'm very blessed to have him in our family.
Celine's Cat, Minou: Minou came to live with us in the fall of 1998. He was such a funny kitten, and easily scared. He always had the best hiding spots to sleep. But now he mostly sleeps on MY bed, because he knows I love him most. He doesn't like other cats, rather anti-social he is.
Wheekie's Budgie, Blue-boy: Blue-boy loves tweeting to the birdies outside in the garden, loves millet spray and enjoy trundling around my lounge carpet waiting for me to pick him up and take him back to his cage as he can't be bothered to fly back lol
Wheekie's Budgie, Barney: Barney has settled in really well and is now living in the same cage as Blue-Boy. Barney is the barmiest budgie around, he has the highest and loudest 'peep' and is extrememely acrobatic' !
aL's Rabbit, Molly: Molly is a gorgeous bunny with a beautiful character. She is somewhat tempremental and is just a little ball of energy! She has to stick her nose into everything and one day that will get her into alot of trouble. She loves being patted and having her cheeks rubbed and when you do this, she turns into a big softy!!
Jo's Rabbit, Karrots: Karrots is an orange rex and a house bunny. He loves getting all the attention and is very cheeky to. He loves to nibble on the carpet and the wallpaper when he thinks no one is looking. He is very loving though and loves to cuddle up to you and have a stroke in the evenings. His favorite food is broccoli, he loves it! He is 2 1/2 years old and was born in March 2001.
Louise's Ferrets, Slinky and Lavinia: Here is my son Johnny with our 2 ferrets. The albino one is called Slinky and is blind in one eye. She was rescued from a man who didn't treat her very well. The polecat one is called Lavinia, we have had her since she was just 4 weeks old. They are such characters, but very naughty!
Louise's Dogs, Ruffle and Pinni: These are 2 of my dogs. Ruffle has only one eye. She is 2 years old and a real sweetie. Pinni is 4 years old ( the black one ) and is lovely but somewhat cocky with the others.

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Pictures and text by Merry, Celine, Wheekies, aL, Jo and Louise