Guinea Pig Collection 6

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Here are my very own personalised hand made guinea pigs that I ordered on-line from Guinea Piggie Pies Aren't they adorable! and so very much like my guinea pigs. Thank you so much Lianne for working so hard and making them for me.
Lianne also made these delightful baby guinea pigs, complete with thier very own home, food and water bottle. Thank you so much Lianne.
Next is a lovely wooden magnet with the words 'I love G.P's and an adorable picture of a guinea pig. Thank you so much to my daughter Jenna, who found it at a local craft stall.
Next is a splendid guinea pig flannel that I now use for whenever my guinea pigs need a bath. I just place it on the bottom of the bath so my piggies feel safe underfoot. Thank you so much to my daughter Kathy who also found it on a craft stall.
Here is a delightful cotton tea-towel, full of adorable guinea pig drawings. I bought the tea-towel from Thistle Cavies Rescue Shop
Next is a very colourful guinea pig mug that my daughter Kathy bought me. Thank you so much Kathy, its adorable! You can buy this guinea pig cup from The Winking Cavy Store
Next is a wonderful Coronet guinea pig figurine, also a lovely present from my daughter Kathy. Thank you so much Kathy! You can buy many types of guinea pig figurines from The Winking Cavy Store
Here are 3 more fabulous guinea pig story books. They are all about a gorgeous little guinea pig called Yuki and are full of delightful drawings. Thank you so much Kathy from Guinea Pig Fun. They make a wonderful addition to my guinea pig library. Yuki the star of the books, also has his own website, where you can buy a series of his books. Visit Yukitopia

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